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"Are You From Here?"

Level 4 - Advanced

Level 4 is a step up from previous lessons as you start to dive into the professional side. Whether it's for a business trip or a visit to the in-laws, you'll be ready to present yourself and your opinions!


Listen to your lessons anywhere, on your time! 


Decide at what pace you want to learn. Find what works for you!


Put what you've learned to work! Form real sentences. 


Enjoy a method that works and prepare yourself properly! 

    Become acquainted with every request around the hotel
    Develop skills to find the gift you’d like to bring home
    Chat with people or family that you’ve never met before
    Have a fun day playing in the water at the beach or at home
    Educate others on your product or service
    Share your thoughts on a recent book, movie or song
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