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Why I Love to Learn New Languages

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I've traveled to 28 countries. More than some people and less than others. But the thing I've learned as I've traveled the world is that travel becomes much more genuine if you can communicate with the locals. It's amazing the doors that will open if you even just attempt to speak their language.

Many years ago I was traveling in Portugal with a friend. I speak Portuguese and at one of the little Bed & Breakfasts in a small town where we stayed the owner was so impressed that I spoke her language that she threw in a free breakfast. I'm all for free things! But way beyond free is just how much you can get to know someone if you can speak some of their language. And for me that is what travel is all about....connecting with other people, learning new cultures and experiencing all that travel has to offer.

What are your thoughts? How has learning a new language helped your travel experiences?

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