What We Forgot to Bring...

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

My wife and I went to India this past year and what a trip it was. We have always wanted to go, so we saw our chance and took it! My grandpa is from India and so my whole life I've had the opportunity to explain where my long, foreign last name is from. Since I pulled my wife into explaining her new last name as well, we were equally excited. We felt a need to understand more about the country we always heard about but had not yet experienced.

We saw all of the sights, treasured the smell of the spices and we were constantly enjoying the delicious food. However, our favorite parts were visiting the smaller villages where time seemed to slow down a bit and so did the people. We were there to teach entrepreneurship and business principles. We loved hearing from the people and how they found ways to make a living. My wife and I picked up words here and there from the kids, but we were very envious of a particular girl in our group. She knew Hindi!

She was able to translate for all of us and grew very close to the people we taught. She was able to have an amazing, genuine experience talking with the locals. Looking back on the trip, I would only change one thing. India was on the calendar for nearly 6 months. I was busy and so was my wife, but we could have at least put in some effort to learn the language before we went. A few phrases or even a couple of words would have made a large difference! That would have made the trip even more of an unforgettable experience. All we needed was 30 minutes a day! We’ll be ready next time!

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