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Two years ago my family and I went on a trip to Scotland, London, and Paris. Scotland was fun because I got to see my grandparents, London was so cool and had lots of great places to see as well. However, the most memorable, amazing, and surreal place was Paris, France. This is because since I was in first grade I have done the French Dual Language Immersion. My whole life I have studied the Eiffel Tower, Norte Dame, arc de Triomphe, etc. I was finally able to see it in person, but the thing that stuck with me the most was how I was able to translate for my family in the beautiful language. We went around town and I, the youngest of 4 siblings, was able to translate and be the most important one there. Going to cafes and ordering my family’s food and just guiding us everywhere. I gained so much respect from my family and by the natives. Everyone there thought I was native and spoke to me with respect and care. Knowing French embellished my experience and made it beyond incredible. If I wouldn’t have known the language, I know for sure that mine, and my family’s experience would not have been so much fun. I’ll be honest, learning French or any language is hard. It has made me want to quit but when I had the chance to talk to people in the language that I’ve put my time and effort in, I was so happy that I knew it. Being able to have the respect of the people that live there and just knowing that for myself my hard work payed off helped me to love the language so much. I definitely want to go back someday because 5 days was not enough considering the time I spent learning the language! In the end, I love the language and was so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn it. Ever plan on going to France? Either pay for me to go with you or learn some of the language!


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