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-4 reasons why seniors shouldn’t give up on language learning-

Can you think of any drawbacks to learning a new language? Other than the occasional moment where your brain can’t decide which language it wants your tongue to speak and words get stuck for an instant, I can’t think of any.

The benefits to language learning are vast and can span a lifetime. The good news is, these perks are always available to you! There are no expiration dates on learning and sharpening your mind. The elderly can especially be helped as they are in a prime position to benefit greatly from language learning. From practical to scientific, below are a few reasons for seniors to start learning a new language or keep up an older one.

1. They have the time! Instead of a mid-morning soap opera while in retirement or picking apart a political news article they can devote 30 minutes to sharpening their mind and building a new skill. Perhaps after they can find a new soap opera in their new language for the best of both worlds.

2. They are the ones who travel the most!

After a long life of hard work, saving and planning, the elderly are the ones who can usually plan a vacation abroad to the country of their dreams. Might as well make the experience as genuine as possible and pick up on some phrases that will help out. Right now is obviously not the best time for travel but the silver lining is that there is plenty of time to brush up on an old language or create excitement for a new trip coming up with your new skill!

3. A feeling of companionship. With current restrictions in place and families not being able to get together, gaining a new hobby can help fight feelings of isolation and loneliness. Learning with someone else or a group can also increase the desire to keep moving forwards. Why not try a free lesson and practice with your friend you call everyday anyways?

4. Protection / delay against memory loss. Learning a language or already being bilingual can help protect and delay dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition to that, it will help keep your cognitive abilities as sharp as possible as your brain is hard at work.

Share the love of language learning with another or join yourself through SpeakALanguage.

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