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The best kind of traveling adventure makes you want to learn  the language to then understand the culture and people. 

Hi! Mi name is Micah. I am the owner of Speak A Language. My goal is to create a place where you can find affordable and convenient tools to enhance your travel and cultural goals. Traveling is something that has become "mainstream" recently but sometimes the "genuine" aspect of travel is neglected. You can visit as many countries as you can but if you don't learn the language and connect with the people of those countries, you've missed a big opportunity. I am here to tell you that I believe 100% in the products I offer. The language courses we offer I have personally tried and know for myself that they are the best way to learn how to truly hold your own in a conversation. I've tried multiple other ways of learning a language. Other courses or programs focus on grammar, or pronunciation, or fluency. Although these are great things to focus on, no other language program focuses solely on helping you gain the ability to speak and UNDERSTAND the language. I can't emphasize enough the difference between studying and learning through other programs, good and helpful things, but when you're put into a real life conversation you don't even feel comfortable speaking or realize your vocabulary doesn't apply to the situation, or you simply can't understand what someone is saying to you. Speak A Language has chosen to sell Pimsleur courses because even when you least expect to be put in a conversation in the language you're learning, you will feel confident in speaking and responding and be surprised at how much you can understand. This is also why I offer a FREE LESSON to anyone who wants to try my language products before buying them. I know that if you were to give it a try you would see how easy it can be to learn a language.


I genuinely wish you the best on your future life adventures,


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