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Learn in Your Car
The Fastest Way to Learn a Language, Guaranteed!

Listen... Learn... then Speak like a Native

  • New edition completely revised and updated for the 21st century.
  • Self-paced, interactive format lets you take the lead and set your own progress
  • "No-book-required" design so you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Learn in Your Car Spanish

Available in the following languages:


Learn in Your Car is the only language learning system designed to teach a foreign language in your car as you drive, without the aid of a textbook. However, for your reference, there is a booklet that contains the entire recorded text so that you can see how the words are spelled. The booklet also contains additional explanations which will be helpful to you if you have trouble understanding some of the concepts of the program.

About this course:

  • The basic premise is that communicating in a language requires learning words, phrases and sentences: but you can't learn to communicate effectively in a language unless you know the individual meaning as well.
  • The emphasis is on communication. Words, phrases or sentences can be used to communicate. It is not always necessary to use a complete sentence to convey a thought.
  • Learn in Your Car teaches you the way a child learns. Children start by learning one-word sentences, then two-word sentences, etc. progressing to more complex sentences as they learn more vocabulary and grammar.
  • The important words you need to survive and get around are taught first. Grammar is taught with examples rather than rules.
  • Usually no more than one new word is introduced at a time. (Level III occasionally introduces more than one word when it is easy to distinguish the new words.) This means you won't hear a sentence or phrase and wonder which sound corresponds to which word. (Various forms of previously introduced verbs are used along with new words.)
  • No textbook is required. The fact that no more than one new word is introduced at a time enables you to use the CDs effectively without referring to a textbook. The CDs are designed to be used without a textbook so that you can use them while driving a car or while doing other things that require similar amounts of concentration.
  • Literal (word-for-word) translations are used as much as possible. This enables you to understand how a sentence or phrase is constructed and what the individual words mean.

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